Experience the highlights of the entire permanent exhibition on a general guided tour. If you are particularly interested in certain topics, then choose a special guided tour.

General guided tour through the permanent exhibition
90 minutes / € 80.00 per group plus € 4.00 admission fee per person

Let yourself be fascinated by the impressive variety of objects and their stories. On this large museum tour you will experience the natural and cultural historical highlights of the former East Prussia as well as the historical settlement areas of the Baltic Germans. These extensive regions now belong to the EU states of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

Themed tours
60 minutes / € 65.00 per group plus € 4.00 admission fee per person

FE 213 Baltic Germans and their history
Distinguished objects recount the culture and history of the Baltic Germans who once lived as the upper class in the historic settlement areas of Livonia, Courland and Estonia and exerted great cultural, economic and political influence there under Polish, Swedish and above all Russian sovereignty. During this tour you will also learn how the German Hanseatic League established itself in the baltic region and how cities such as Riga, Reval (Tallinn) and Dorpat (Tartu) played an important role in Hanseatic trade with Russia.

FE 214 Baltic amber
Nowhere else in Europe does amber occur as frequently as in East Prussia. The gold of the Baltic Sea from the fossil resin of primeval trees has enchanted people for thousands of years with its diversity and beauty. A highlight of our exhibition are treasures made of amber by master craftsmen as well as fascinating inclusions providing natural history with information about life almost 40 million years ago. We will take you on a fascinating journey to discover the world of amber.

FE 216 East Prussia and its history
You want to know more about the history of East Prussia? The diverse exhibits of the exhibition present the beginnings, the Old Prussians and the Teutonic Order, the world's first Protestant principality and the coronation site of the Prussian kings, the tragedy caused by flight and expulsion in 1945, the integration and lively culture of remembrance also in the areas of representation. The extremely eventful and dramatic history of this region will fascinate you.