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We appear there as a special collection of the Nordost-Bibliothek Luneburg, which is part of the library system of the university of Hamburg and gives us access to the scientific library network.

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A manual in German can be found here.

The library contains about 15,000 titles, among which journals and other periodicals are listed as only one title. The main focus of the special library is on publications on East and West Prussia, the Baltic German settlement area and the topics of the post-1945 integration of the refugees and expellees from East and West Prussia and preservation of their cultural identity.

Biographies, prose and poetry of people who had their homeland in East and West Prussia are an important component.

The establishment of the library began at the time of the East Prussian hunting museum (1958-1986), in which a considerable collection of books on regional studies, hunting and forestry, agriculture and horse breeding in East Prussia had already been collected.

The library primarily serves the scientific work at the East Prussian state museum. It is based on the systematics of Ernst Wermke's bibliography on the history of East and West Prussia.

Our library is a reference library, for the time being our collection can only be viewed on our premises or in the reading room of the Nordost-Institut.

To make an appointment, please contact us in advance by telephone: +49 (0)4131 75995-19 (Dr Christoph Hinkelmann).